100% Organic Superabsorbent Polymer

100% Organic Superabsorbent Polymer made from bio waste. A sustainable solution maintaining water for agricultural production and help prevent skin irritations on personal care and hygiene products

chemical free

Made from inedible parts such as fruit peels that normally go to waste. It is made from 100% organic materials, making it fully biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic. This makes our product a much more sustainable alternative to traditional SAPs, which are often made from petroleum-based products.

high water retention

Our SAP boasts remarkable water retention capabilities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. In agriculture, it offers a retention capacity of approximately 50 times its weight.

sustainable manufacturing

Our SAP is produced through an eco-conscious manufacturing process that minimizes its environmental impact.  Compared to industry standards, our approach consumes less energy, leading to significantly reduced CO2 emissions.


Growing a plant or a crop can be challenging, especially in arid regions. But with our polymer, you can retain water and liquid fertilizer, reduce irrigation rounds and maximize the nourishment for your crops effortlessly.

Personal Care and hygiene products

Non toxic materials makes our polymer gentle on the skin and helps prevent skin irritations while keeping the high water retention


All the initiatives taken by our polymer are designed to help the environment and bio-degrade effectively.

Promoting sustainability

With every endeavor, Our polymer encourages to use sustainable practices for daily products and agriculture.

Saving natural resources

Water, soil, and air are the three most vital natural resources getting polluted or depleted rapidly. Polymer strives to save and restore these resources naturally.

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