Industrial fruit and vegetable peeling machines

Our Peelers


Compact table top designed peeler. Extremely efficient and easy to use. KA-700H is a labor saving device that peels with precision. They are easy to operate and clean.

Able to peel 20+ kinds of fruits and vegetables


Powerful and high-speed version of KA-700H for heavy users. Automatic ejector makes the work speed three times faster. Easy to use and clean, allowing uncomplicated training for any level of employee.

Able to peel 20+ kinds of fruits and vegetables


KA-750PM uses its large steel blade to peel fruits vertically. Designed to peel Pineapple, Mango and Melon. With minimal edible flesh removed in the process, product yield is increased +20% than traditional hand peeling.

Benefits of our peeler

Faster Peeling

The peeling speed will be faster than manual peeling.

Smooth Surface

Most of the peeling machines make bumpy, rough surfaces. Our peeling machine can make a smooth surface and that is because of our blades

High Yield Rate

Smooth surface leads to less waste and high yield rate because it peels minimum edible part

Less Juice Dripping

Fruit juice will be kept inside the fruit which expands the shelf life.

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