We have over 20 years in experience in building tension fabric building in Japan.

We are the exclusive overseas exporter of MegaDome.

Our highly engineered, state-of-the-art steel framed, fabric covered structure is the ideal building solution for your business needs.


Versatile and an economical storage solution for your equipment’s, hay, crop, manure and shelters for livestock.


Easy, rapid, economical yet a reliable solution for industrial use such as manufacturing and processing plants, garage, waste management plants


The ideal solution for storage space, warehouse, loading docks, hangers, mining and construction equipment, etc.


Economical solution for Ice rinks, indoor golf range, sports gyms. Your favorite activities indoor all year round.


Designed and analyzed by highly experienced team of engineers, the build is designed for strength and durability, covered by up to 15 years of warranty. Our state-of-the-art Oval tubing double truss arch made out of corrosion resistant North American Steel ensures the reliability and strength of the structure.

Adapted to your needs

Our fabric structures are easily adapted to
meet the needs of a diverse range of business
sectors. Our models can be built as temporary
structures or made to measure. We put a lot of work in to meeting our customers to needs.

Innovative features

Our structures are corrosive-resistant and can
also be galvanized by hot dipping after welding
for unmatched protection and durability.

The structure provides a clear, open space to
facilitate the circulation of machinery and staff
while also offering a large storage surface.

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