We have over 20 years in experience in building greenhouse structures in Japan.

Our greenhouses can be used for growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, livestock shelter and composting facility

ground to ground Ovaltech

The Ovaltech series is the most versatile within our line of greenhouse and shelter structures. Its great quality, interior luminosity and design to enhance natural ventilation for strong, healthy crop growth are some of the attractive features of this popular series.

Ideal for small and medium sized operations. Individual greenhouses offers flexibility and efficiency.

Width of 25′, 30′, 35′, 42′


gutter connected Luminosa

Luminosa is our gutter connected greenhouse series. Its fully interlocking system allows for expansion in any direction to follow along the pace of your business growth. Its unique versatility with high durability and strength, while maximizing light penetration makes Luminosa a highly popular model of the greenhouse line.

Luminosa offers a large cultivation area while optimizing the use of space.

Width: 24′, 30′, 36′

tunnel pro

Designed for quick and easy installation. Cost effective greenhouses are popular choices for growers who would like to add extra weeks to the crops regular schedule.

Width: 28′, 30′



Made of Oval tubes, which are 25% stronger than conventional round tubes allowing increased span without reducing load capacity. Oval tubes also minimize the wear of covering films.

made of corrosion resistant all American steel and highly rest resistant nickel cad nuts and bolts. 


Many options to adapt to your needs. Covering options of single layer or double layer polyfilm, polycarbonate sheets or glass.

Ventilation options and door options.

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